Developer Analytics is the world's first social media ratings and report services

Developer Analytics is a new media measurement and report service providing rich data and insight on the social media industry by viewing detailed application reports covering reach, growth, engagement, monetization potential, and audience profiles.

It is a leader in establishing industry standards for social media analytics and metrics, measuring the value and monetization potential of social media applications.

It was founded in early 2008 by a team of Berkeley and UPenn graduates with strong backgrounds in social analytics, engineering, statistics, and business.

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Interested in the hottest upcoming social media applications?
Find them before they get big.
Who is making the most money right now?
It's -not- who you may think.
How is your competition really doing?
Check their stats and revenue potential.
Want to acquire an application?
Is it about to go big or just fall apart?

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Who is Developer Analytics For?
For the monetizing developer - Are you monetizing to your potential?
We've constructed our CPM and CPA revenue approximation equations from hundreds of REAL data points. Taking into account highly correlative trends in return users, churn rate, reach, page multiplier (page views per user), and application age, not only are these revenue values what you are most likely making right now, but what you could be making through virtual goods integration tomorrow. Find out if you're underperforming or overperforming your earning potential.

For those of you out there curious about what people are making with virtual goods and CPA, subscribing will be well worth your while to find out just who is monetizing and how well.
For the clever company - Don't acquire an application on it's way out.
Through our global analysis of applications, it is known that the end of an application's growth cycle can be predicted up to a month in advance. Developers know this too. Don't buy an application on its way out. Buy it on its way in. Subscribing to our services will help you know what exactly you're paying for.

Remember, one bad buy can cost you and your investors hundreds of thousands, or even millions. A few good leads would be worth even more.
For the shrewd investor - Are your potential investment targets truly the next "big thing?"
In the social networking world, distribution is a completely separate animal from monetization. If you're investing for the long term, you should ensure that the companies you're looking at will be around for the long term. Reach is only one fourth of the big picture. Don't invest blindly.

As an experienced investor, you know full well the value of knowledge. It's the one place where investing too little can end up costing too much.
For the informed advisor - Do you play an integral role in the direction of a company?
As a compass to guide the way, make sure you're pointing in the right direction. Valuable insights into what is hot in the social media space, not simply today and yesterday, but tomorrow, will give you the edge you need to make educated decisions for those seeking your guidance.
For the wise advertiser - Are you paying high CPMs for low quality traffic?
Remember that optimal CPM performance occurs with apps at low engagement levels and low page multipler (page views per user). If the application you want to advertise or brand has a large page multiplier, you may want to push for CPC offerings, or flat rate branding.

If your job is media planning on social networks, knowing the nitty gritty is essential for your success.
For the penetrating journalist - Your readers rely on you to provide valuable insights.
Don't sell yourself short. As a journalist, it's your job to know more than the people who know more. Take the fast track to being an insider with a premium subscription.
Our Story - Data you can't afford to not know

People often ask us our story. We started out as an unfunded team of three. We planted ourselves in the trenches of Facebook app development, and began work simultaneously on Developer Analytics.

After presenting at O'Reilly's Graphing Social Patterns West in March 2008 and taking the first prize at the App Nite demo, we immediately received attention from a number of interested investors. In the month it took us to pitch to more than a dozen top tier VCs and angel investors, we went from zero cash flow, to self-sustaining, to profitable.

Unlike the traditional web space, where distribution is costly, social networking sites provide an ample source of traffic to run through your application. As a result, the barrier to entry is substantially lower. What we've discovered from others and our own personal experience, that this industry is one that is run on secrets.

Growth on Facebook is not magical or mysterious; it's simply a well kept secret.
Some people have grown through luck, others have grown through pouring money into advertising. But many have grown through formulas and industry tricks.

Many outsiders, even investors who have done their fair share of market research aren't aware that the largest and most valuable players in the space are not "one hit wonders" but "20 hit wonders," or "50 hit wonders," or in some case even more.

Far too many pay attention to the heavily funded companies that fight their way to the top of the leaderboards, and too few miss the heavily monetized developers who hide near the bottom.

So what do we know?

Facebook apps are easier to grow than traditional websites, more monetizable than single player flash games, and success is replicable.

We knows this from knowing those who have done this in the past, are doing this now, and from personal experience.

Long story short, no matter who you are, you can't afford not to know.